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Cloud Native architectures are confusing for most companies and structures. The transition from traditional architecture to cloud native architecture is interpreted as terrible for many companies. Kubezy helps your cloud native journey with its easy-to-use services, tools, managed services and user-friendly web interface.

What is Kubezy?

Kubezy is an innovative platform that streamlines containerized cloud services and Kubernetes management. It offers customers the capability to seamlessly integrate containerized cloud services into their own cloud and on-premise infrastructures. Kubezy provides specialized applications that simplify Kubernetes management.

Kubezy hosts a vast Cloud Native application marketplace. This feature allows customers to explore, integrate, and utilize cutting-edge applications. If you're an application developer, you can publish your own application on this marketplace. Moreover, Kubezy offers partnerships, distribution opportunities, and authorized support centers for dozens of applications worldwide. With Kubezy, optimizing workloads and gaining a competitive edge is now faster, easier, and more effective than ever before.

Kubezy is Everywhere

Kubezy is a cloud platform that seamlessly integrates with customers hybrid infrastructures. Its groundbreaking technology ensures universal compatibility with all major cloud platforms. Whether you're managing a small-scale deployment or a large-scale enterprise cluster, Kubezy's flexible architecture meets your needs.

Kubezy offers the power and flexibility of the cloud while also being compatible with customers private and on-premises infrastructures. This allows customers the freedom to host, manage, and scale workloads wherever they choose. With Kubezy's universal integration capabilities, customers can optimize their hybrid infrastructures and experience the cloud everywhere.

Services (Closed Beta)

Application Store Hangar

Provides the cloud native components and services to easily deploy applications.


It is your AI-based manager for cloud native. It simplifies infra management with various prompts.


Safely backs up your VPC and Kubernetes components data. For on-premise clusters.

Cloud Backup

Safely backs up your VPC and Kubernetes components data. For cloud clusters.

Cloud DNS

Manages your cloud native DNS services in the cloud.

Container Storage

Provides storage solutions for your container infra.

Elastic Balance

Provides load balancing and scaling more easily.

Image Registry

Stores and manages your container images in the cloud.

Logging and SIEM

Logging, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Collects system logs and manages security information.

Managed Container Service

Manages your cloud container infrastructure and provides maintenance.

Monitoring and Alerting

Monitors system performance and identifies potential issues.

Object Storage

Offers data storage services with high scalability. For VPC and other storage needs.


Collects data to understand system behavior and performance.


Manages and automates cloud native infra management processes.

Secret Box

Safely stores and manages configmaps and secrets