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Kubezy's Technology

Kubezy's technology is architected to scale seamlessly with your requirements. Whether you're managing a small-scale deployment or a large-scale enterprise cluster, our technology adapts, ensuring optimal performance at any scale. Say goodbye to performance bottlenecks and hello to a responsive, high-performing Cloud Native infrastructure.

Central to Kubezy's technology ethos is a user-centric design philosophy. We believe that technology should not be a barrier but a bridge, connecting users with the immense capabilities of Kubernetes and Cloud Native. Our intuitive interfaces, API's, services, plugins and streamlined workflows are meticulously crafted to enhance usability, enabling both novices and experts to harness the full potential of Cloud Native effortlessly.

New Generation Cloud Platform

Kubezy installs your Kubernetes or Other Container environment and manage for you, or analyzes your installed clusters and provides you with security, performance and other system tips. Kubezy provides services in Container architecture that will enable you to easily manage and scale your cloud-native architectures.

  • Services

    Kubezy provides container-base services, with these services, it allows you to easily scale your container structure and run your system structures integrated into the cloud.

  • Plugins

    Discover the versatility of Kubezy's plugins, designed to elevate your container-based services. You can easily activate and use it via Kubezy Dashboard

  • Community

    Welcome to our Community Platform, where collaboration knows no bounds and creativity knows no limits. Explore live stream, blog posts, groups and more.

Closed Beta Program

When creating Kubezy as a startup. We aimed to present cloud technologies in the best way. Although we would like to make all of our services public, we recruit users into the system in layers so that we can offer customer service and service quality at the best level. For this reason, in the next 6 months, Kubezy will go through the Closed Beta and Open Beta processes and then go into production. For all kinds of questions and requests about beta, you can send an e-mail to beta@kubezy.com.

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